Devotions for a Sacred Marriage 2012

Growing Old Together

Isaiah 25:1

O Lord you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things.

I see in Tom and Ellie, in their seventies or eighties frail creatures physically but strong in love, how they walk  together as a unit from slot machine to slot machine.   Their favorite is the  “wheel of fortune”  penny machine.  Yes I said penny as in 1 cent.  They giggle and cheer each other on.  They will play and when their winnings exceed their investment (this almost always happens its amazing) they will cash out stick the ticket in their pocket  AND THEN put another $10.00 in the machine.  And do it again, and again.  Finally they get up cash in their tickets pocket the cash have lunch and THEN do it again.  Walking from machine to machine arm in arm you would think they were dating.  What a great example of persevering as they will celebrate 60 years of marriage this year.  Have they had issues of course, do Bev and I have issues of course.  There is no magic dust for longevity of a marriage.  And no slot machines are not a tool for marriage longevity.   Time is the only measurement for marriage longevity.  Invest the time now daily to reap the rewards of longevity. 

What is your plan for marriage longevity?


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5 thoughts on “Growing Old Together

  1. Man, that made me start to cry. That is powerful.

    I think for Gab and I, I want to keep laughing together. I especially love having big laughs with her. She always stops me and says. “that was a big laugh, you think I’m funny.” It’s a statement that comes out of her in more of a question, or surprised. I do think she’s really funny sometime, but more often she’s always fun. And we always have fun together.

  2. Steve-o, it’s not a question. I’m funny. 🙂 I definitely love the traction that laughing and not taking things too seriously does in our marriage. With two flawed people living together, raising kids, making decisions, etc., we’re going to make plenty of mistakes. We try hard, sometimes even in our cranky moments, to make light of our situation. It helps the moment to pass much faster.
    I know there have been hard things in our marriage over the past ten years, but I choose to focus on the many good times. The hard times drove us to more of a dependency on God and a better understanding of each other. I hope to be laughing on the couch with Steve for many years to come.

  3. Jonathan on said:

    For Sarah and I my job, with my new schedule has really been a huge strain on us as parents but most of all as friends. Sometimes it seems we only see eachother in passing and it hurts to think that I see my partners at work more than my own wife and kids. This is really an area we are trying to work on in addition to being a God serving husband or wife. I love being with Sarah, there isn’t anything that I love more than just hanging out with her. I think that as a husband I really need to step up my game as if we were dating and live everyday like I am trying to sell her on why she should love me and be with me. I have so much enjoyed our recent dates and having her ride along with me at work. (yeah she made it from 6pm till 6am, she’s a trooper)
    As a family, please pray for us and our time together, as we are starting to get this schedule down, and give me the discipline to treat my bride as such, the beautiful woman she is. the woman who deserves my 110%, the women I swore an oath to, to hold, to cherish, and to protect. To make her my priority. We don’t get a lot of time together, but I think that making the time that we do get to see eachother quality time, will be the trick to getting us through to the next state in out marriage journey.

  4. Jonathan on said:

    That is so true about Grandma and Grandpa that it is almost comical, cause we were just over there with the kids and about two weeks ago and they were talking about how they were going back up to Buluxy, and last time how grandma was on a role and had won a bunch ($10) and it might not sound like a lot, but it is what they do together. To to outside they may not see it, but im sure it wouldn’t have mattered if grandma won $10,o00, they would still be laughing and loving each other. I have to remind myself and have to get better at it, but i need to make every minute I get with Sarah to count for something. It doesn’t have to be a fancy date, but I need to remember and learn new ways to make the everyday things special. We havent seen eachother much these past few months with my new schedule and it seems we only see eachother in the passing sometimes. It has taken its toll, and it puts a lot of stress and pressure on Sarah to carry the load, cause when I am not there it is up to her, and when i am there, alot of the time I have to sleep so she again has the kids and, her lack of sleep, cause she is up at night wondering, will he come home tonight. She was telling me the other night, things I take for granted, like at night when the phone rings the first thought is, is Jon ok, is this the call?
    She is such an awesome woman, wife and friend I owe her more that just time. I need to step up and make it quality time, and make the time we do have matter. So please pray for me, to step up and make it matter. She deserves it. They say it is hard to be a cop, but even harder to be a cops wife….Thank you Sarah for your support and encouragement, I love you!!!! So final answer….I say making the time you have, weather it is everyday or a day or two a week, MAKE IT COUNT!!

  5. Better late than never…Just talked to Grandpa a few minutes ago. They went to see a movie. They are officially way cooler than we will ever be! I can’t wait for those fun years when all we have to do is hang out together.

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