Devotions for a Sacred Marriage 2012

Fame Is Trumped by Intimacy

Song of Solomon 7:10    I belong to my lover; and his desire is for me.

Ladies and non Sports fans this week’s devotion probably does not cause you to connect with John Wooden one of the greatest College Basketball coaches ever.  Forget all the basketball stuff; forget the number of national championships. The devotion talks about letters he writes and how much he misses his wife after she died.   Focus on the section that says “So often, we ignore our marriages in pursuit of high acclaim” I would include in here the pursuit of money to buy stuff.   The question is do you show your mate how much they mean to you now?  Ladies what are you doing to show you man that you LIKE him.  Men what are you doing to show your woman that you LIKE her.   Goals for this next week is for the comments to be men bragging on something your woman did to show she likes you.  Ladies your comment needs to be bragging on your man of what he did to show he likes you.

I don’t want stuff like he/she is always there for me. 

This means Men do something !!!!!

This means Ladies do something !!!!


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5 thoughts on “Fame Is Trumped by Intimacy

  1. He went to the fair with me!!!!!!!!! And, even though he hates to be rushed, he went along with my plan that required we squeeze 4 hours of fair into 45 minutes (because parking, entrance & rides were free from 5-6—but we couldn’t leave school until 5 because Eden had tumbling at McGregor.) It was so fun!!!

  2. Alright, last week on Thursday (after I golfed all afternoon (her loving me)) I fed the kids and put them to bed so she could go get a massage. Then I took all the kids to school on Friday and told her she had to sleep in. On Friday took her to lunch, and had some quality time. I really like that girl. I even showed it a couple times last week. Good week! 🙂 But seriously I need to get so much better at this!

  3. When she prays for me she thanks God for the family leader that I’ve become. She knows where I tend to fall short and is very graceful when I look to her for help in these areas. She lets me know in front of the girls that I’m appreciated. And she has done all of these things in the last 5 days.

  4. Steve Chesnut on said:

    Looks like your all pretty lucky!!!

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